Mountain Biking

This summer I have tried to do as many things as possible outside. Lucky for me I have two pretty awesome hobbies that take me out of the house!

I have been mountain biking for three years now. It’s an amazing sport that is growing pretty rapidly in population here in Minnesota. This sport combines the thrill of going through obstacles and jumps with the enjoyment of being outside, having the trail to yourself and of course getting some good exercise. When I first started to ride I would say I was in pretty good shape. I just finished a marathon and 

Imagehave been working out since that time but the second I had to climb the hills at Elm Creek Mountain Bike Trail I thought I was not going to make it! This sport is full of challenges and an enormous amount of fun! I am by no means an expert rider but I will try to give everything a shot and look forward to improving. 

I highly recommend this sport to anyone that is looking for a little excitement in their daily routine! There are a good chunk of parks in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and suburbs area. If you are from a different part of town or country I suggest that you look at your local International Mountain Bicyclist Association for some suggestions on places to ride. If you are in the cities area I suggest that you check out Minnesota Off-road Cyclist Association. They are in charge of most of the trails in the cities area. Their cite,, is supper helpful! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook as well at @MORCmtb and

Happy Riding!!

Goals For Summer 2013

Coming up on the summer months I decided to create a few goals for myself. At the end of the summer I will re-evaluate where I stand with them. If you have any suggestions let me know!

1. Keep up with my Marathon Training

2. Run a 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon

3. Do a time trial mountain biking race

4. Mountain bike 3 times a week

5. Read 5 books (need suggestions here!)

6. Get a picture up on theCHIVE

7. See an outdoor movie

8. Meet up with a friend that I have not seen in more than 2 years

9. Get an A in my summer class


11. Create a personal website

12. Go to Chicago

13. Go to Duluth

14. Go to Apple River

15. Go to a concert

Let me know if I should add anything else to this.

50 Best Things in the World

50 Best Things in the World

Last night I crawled into bed after a long day of work, classes and meetings and it was the best feeling in the world. While trying to fall asleep, I started thinking of other great things/feelings that people have. Here is my list:

1. Crawling into bed
2. Taking your socks off
3. Wearing fuzzy slippers
4. Wearing a Snuggie
5. Cracking your knuckles
6. Stretching in the morning, before a run, after a run and during work
7. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
8. Waking up without a hangover after a night of drinking
9. Someone getting you a coffee or tea
10. Finishing a project, assignment, chore and/or paper
11. Being surprised by a long distance friend
12. Someone giving you a hug
13. Playing with a puppy
14. Your dog waiting for you at the door when you get home
15. Someone cooking a surprise dinner for you
16. The feeling you get right before you jump out of a plane (Skydiving)
17. Getting a job that you wanted
18. Leaving a successful interview
19. Changing back to the channel you were watching right as your show turns back on
20. Not getting any emails on the weekend
21. Not getting disturbed while napping
22. New albums on #ChiveNation
23. Getting a cool Snapchat: drdrey28
24. Getting new followers on Twitter @AblamunetsAnd
25. Driving with the windows down
26. A cold beer on a hot day
27. Freshly picked salad
28. Getting a perfect no filter picture on Instagram: ablamunets
29. Crisp mornings
30. Waking up without an alarm
31. Not setting an alarm
32. Finding your favorite pen/pencil after losing it
33. Getting an A on an exam
34. Putting on new shoes
35. Wearing flip flops
36. Summer
37. Snowboarding through fresh powder
38. Flying
39. The smell of your favorite food
40. Having your dog wake you up by licking you
41. Crossing off a goal
42. Doing something on your bucket list
43. Lemonade on a hot day
44. Jumping into a cool lake on a hot day
45. Being in a hot tub while it’s snowing
46. Finishing a movie/YouTube video
47. Smell of fresh brewed coffee
48. Seeing family that you have not seen in years
49. Landing a trick that you have been trying
50. Being Stress Free

These are a few things that I think rock! Let me know if you have any additions and if I get enough I will create a second “followers” list.

Last Semester

Well I have done a pretty crappy job updating this blog and bringing you new and exciting news of my life and adventures. I am here to change that! I will give you a quick update of the past 4 months. Starting off with the end of summer.

In the end of summer I finished up my 2012 Color Run video, finished up my internship with DiaSorin, and moved into my new house. Check out my color run video right here. Tell me what you think either on the YouTube page or this post. My internship with DiaSorin was very rewarding and I learned a great deal about marketing in my position. At DiaSorin I created product brochures, developed a employee handbook for their mid summer convention, researched and developed a social media proposal, and worked with the sales team on product research and development. If you want to know a little more about my experience with them check out my LinkedIn page here: Andrey Ablamunets. Finally I moved into a new house with some bros! Pretty sweet stuff I know.IMG_1584

My semester at the U was not an easy one. I had two difficult marketing classes and a stats class that did not want to give up. During the semester I worked hard on finding a new internship, working with Ryan on Phi Kappa Psi’s Philanthropy and trying to stay involved with the fraternity. I was also able to get a few more rides in on the bike. Oh and I ran a marathon.

In November I got an offer for a Marketing Internship at d.trio marketing group. It was a very exciting offer for me that I did not hesitate on accepting. I have been working at d.trio for a little over a month now and I love it. The company is great and the atmosphere is exactly what I would want in a company. They have really good clients and are creating amazing work for them.

I am once agaIMG_1550in the Philanthropy Chair at Phi Psi, 3 years running! I have some really big ideas for my last semester at PKP. I can’t wait to get the planning started. If you have any suggestions of organizations that we should work

with email me at I am also working on a movie for PKP of the past semester.

Finally, I had a few good runs on my mountain bike with Josh before it got too cold and I finished my second Twin Cities Marathon.

Winter Break blog post is coming up shortly. It will feature my trips to Jackson Hole and Israel.

Mountain Biking

I am very happy to live in Minnesota. I can do the things that I love year round. I am crazy about a few different sports. Track and running are my first. I ran track for 7 years through out Junior High, High School, and College. I ran the 200m and the 400m. I loved the feeling of competition and when you turn the corner to go into the last 100m and every muscle in your legs is screaming in pain but all you can do is concentrate on crossing the finish line first. I was fortunate enough to have really good coaches in high school that helped me grow as a runner and become successful in track meets. I was recruited to run track when I went up to UMD, but unfortunately it was not for me and I transfered to the University of Minnesota. Also, unfortunately I had conflicting school schedules with the practices here and was not able to try out for the team. I stuck with running and decided, well more like talked into by my brother, running longer distances. We ran the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 Mile in 2010 and the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 2011. I am also going to be training this summer to run that marathon again.

Other than running, snowboarding, mountain biking, and long boarding are my next favorite sports, in that order. I love snowboarding. I have been boarding for 5 years now and I have been out west twice. I love the freedom that you have when you are on a board and gliding down the mountain. You can pick exactly what you do or where you go.I have 2 problems with snowboarding: first is that I live in Minnesota and there really is not mountains around here. I mean there is a lot of hills, but no mountains. Second, is that I can’t do it year round, that kind of goes back to living in Minnesota. Like for me, I also greatly enjoy mountain biking and long boarding.

I spend a great chunk of my free time on the trails mountain biking. I have not been doing this for very long but the sport has grown on me and I really enjoy it. Ever since I came back from Australia I have had a lot of free time on my hands. With that free time I have been trying to put it towards good use and go mountain biking as much as possible. I have gone 7 or 8 times in the past month. Unfortunately I have had so pretty hard spills.

First time I went biking since Aussie I was on the trail for about 45 seconds until I crashed. I was on an obstacle, a narrow tall bridge, and it did not end well for me. The bridge was about 4 tires in width and about 3-4 feet high. I was 2/3 of the way through when I lost my balance. My front tire went straight down and hit the ground so hard that I was not able to brace myself for the fall. I went head first into the ground. I hurt my neck really bad, my helmet bruised my face and I bit into my tongue and took a chunk out. I thought I broke my neck at that moment. I knew I had to get off of the trail so I took my bike and walked to the paved trail. I realized that my neck was very stiff but not broken. I was bleeding profusely out of my arm and my tongue but I knew I was able to make it home. Luckily I only lived 10 min away so I was able to make it back. The next few days consisted of pain and going to the doctors. Nothing was broken which was good and my cut up face was a great conversation starter at my interview that I had the next day. My next 2 falls were not as bad. One of them happened when I was on a tree bridge. I was about to drop in off of it and my tire slipped off and I took a tumble and the other time I just straight up hit a tree.

Because I love all these extreme sports and I have a pretty big passion for photography, I bought a GoPro last January. I used it a few times in Australia, but now I will be using it much more here. I used it for the first time on my bike the other day. My plan is to make a pretty sweet film by the end of the summer.

I think I have talked enough about my biking adventureand my love for extreme sports. I will ask this, I am looking to by a camera by the end of the summer. I love to take pictures and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on different cameras. Please let me know!