Mountain Biking

This summer I have tried to do as many things as possible outside. Lucky for me I have two pretty awesome hobbies that take me out of the house!I have been mountain biking for three years now. It’s an amazing sport that is growing pretty rapidly in population here in Minnesota. This sport combines the... Continue Reading →

Goals For Summer 2013

Coming up on the summer months I decided to create a few goals for myself. At the end of the summer I will re-evaluate where I stand with them. If you have any suggestions let me know!1. Keep up with my Marathon Training2. Run a 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon3. Do a time trial mountain biking... Continue Reading →

50 Best Things in the World

50 Best Things in the World Last night I crawled into bed after a long day of work, classes and meetings and it was the best feeling in the world. While trying to fall asleep, I started thinking of other great things/feelings that people have. Here is my list: 1. Crawling into bed 2. Taking... Continue Reading →

Last Semester

Well I have done a pretty crappy job updating this blog and bringing you new and exciting news of my life and adventures. I am here to change that! I will give you a quick update of the past 4 months. Starting off with the end of summer. In the end of summer I finished... Continue Reading →

Mountain Biking

I am very happy to live in Minnesota. I can do the things that I love year round. I am crazy about a few different sports. Track and running are my first. I ran track for 7 years through out Junior High, High School, and College. I ran the 200m and the 400m. I loved... Continue Reading →

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