5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities

I love running in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Every single trail is filled with great sites, paved path, and great energy. People always ask me where my favorite place to run is. Well it’s too damn hard to decide on one so here are my Top 5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities. Stone Arch... Continue Reading →

One Month Down: Week Four

One month into 2016 and I am on track for my 1000 miles in 2016. It has not necessarily been the easiest month for running for me. So far I have battled with a little bit of scheduling issues, injury, and the drive to get into a routine. Setting all those things aside, it has... Continue Reading →

Breweries Are The New Coffee Shops

Living in Minneapolis has opened my eyes to an amazing craze of drinking craft beer in small but quaint taprooms that smell like the ingredients that you are drinking. My girlfriend and I have been to almost every brewery in Minneapolis. We actually have a cork board with a map of Minnesota with locations of... Continue Reading →

Back in America

So I have been back in the states for a few weeks now and there are a few things that I have been noticing about the states that I have not noticed before going to Australia. 1. Nothing ever changes. When my dad was driving me back from the airport I was looking out of... Continue Reading →


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