Tips to Get You Out the Door to Run

Once in a while, or maybe more often for some, a runner experiences this extreme desire not to go running when they know they have to. Whether it is still dark out and you do not want to get out of bed or you just came home from work and all you want to do is Netflix and nap. These annoying urges that keep you from getting out the door can be silenced with these five tips that will get you out the door an out on a run.

Minneapolis, MN – Andrey Ablamunets

1. Put on your running shoes: just having them on will trick your body into wanting to get out there for a jog. If you are a morning runner, sleep in your running gear.

2. Drink a cup of coffee: getting up and making a cup of coffee will get you ½ way to out the door. First half is just standing up.

3. Listen to a running podcast: Runner’s World and BibRave Podcast are two of the best. They will get you inspired to go run. Just make sure you download a couple episodes for the run as well.

4. Ask a friend out for a beer: make plans to go somewhere with a friend and then run there. Make sure that you only have a couple drinks so you can run home.

5. Shut up and go run: walk up to the mirror, tell yourself to shut it, and then go running. Sounds simple but it is most effective.

20170601 - Running Lake of the Isles
Minneapolis, MN – Andrey Ablamunets

Ideally every runner would be motivated 100% of the time and these issues would never come up. Since that is not true, it is important to have little tools in your arsenal so that you can overcome any speed bumps in your routine. Looking for excuses to not go for a run is a common activity. Use these tricks to trick yourself into wanting to go for a run. By having your body conditioned to wanting to run after an activity, you will have an easier time making sure that you get every training run done.

Let me know what gets you out the door for a run. Comment below!



Recover In Your Sandals: Feel the OO

Disclaimer: I received the OOFOS Original Sports Sandal to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

My running routine after a run is simple, kick off the shoes and put on some sandals! There is no better feeling than to let your feet loose after a run. For many years I thought that every sandal was the same. Oh boy was I wrong. Recently I was introduced to a brand called OOFOS that specializes in footwear that helps you recover after running. Lucky for me, they decided to hook me up with a pair to try for a couple weeks.


First Impression

My first impression was pretty straight forward; it’s a pair of sandals. I got a red and black pair and they looked like any other sandals you can find, which I liked. I hate when a product tries to be so different from the market that it sticks out like a sore thumb, or pinky toe because #RunnerProblems. They were light and they had a little more cushion then a typical sandal. They also felt great and looked pretty sweet as well.


Walking Around

I put them on and felt the difference right away. They felt snug and comfortable on the foot. The extra cushion felt great when I was walking around because it was absorbing the impact of the ground. I really liked that the OOfoam conformed to the outline of my arch instead of just being flat. To really feel the difference, I decided to go full scientific on the OOFOS and do a “foot-to-foot” comparison. I put my regular sandal on one foot (I had the ones with the swoosh on them) and the OOFOS on the other and walked around my apartment. The difference was crazy. OOFOS felt way better than that other brand.


Why Are They Better?

OOFOS are made to take the pounding away from your feet when you walk. The OOfoam absorbs 37% more shock than traditional footwear, which allows your feet to get some relief and recover. With the sandal being able to conform to your foot, especially the arches, it allows for more natural motion and comfortable support.

How I Used Them

I am in the middle of two big running goals. The first is running 1000 miles in 2016 and the second training for a marathon. These OOFOS came in handy every single day. After every run I would throw on my OOFOS and begin to recover with stretching, protein in-take and continuous walking around. I also play beach volleyball and they were great to bring to the courts because I was able to rinse them off without worrying about ruining them. I got the Men’s OOriginal Sport Sandal and I am about to buy the Sport Slide Sandal so I can wear my compression socks while I wear the sandal. I totally suggest getting a pair because they are pretty fantastic!


Check out

Keep the run on!


Running in Heat

Summer is an awesome time to head outdoors and get a good run in. The biggest concern is the heat. Each person is different when it comes to hot and cold weather and the way their body reacts to it. For me, I would rather have it a little bit more warm than cold. Since it’s the summer I figure I focus on the ways I stay cool while running outdoors. First thing first, is to hydrate a ton. I drink water constantly when I am at work. I have a 32oz water bottle at my desk and I drink 3-5 of them a day. By staying hydrated during the day, it will allow you to warm up quicker and avoid any cramps in the beginning of the run. The second step for me is to plot out my run with water stops. I hate running with water or

Ragnar Image 2
All smiles after getting drenched with water during my run

pretty much anything. To make sure that I get the hydration needed, I do my long runs around the lakes or parks that have water stations. The last suggestion that I have for summer running is get your clothes wet. If it is extremely hot out and you just can’t help it and still want to go for a run, dip your hat and jersey in cold water before going out. Sure it may look kind of weird but you are going to get sweaty any way and it will help in the long run.

Ragnar 2015 was the hottest race I have ever done. During my first 7 miles there was a heat index of about 98 degrees. I knew that it was going to be a crazy hot day so I drank plenty of water before the race. I had my team stationed at different parts of the course so that they could give me water and provide any support that I needed. I also had them drench my clothes in cold water so that I could stay cool throughout the run since there was no shade anywhere.

Summer running is the best, just remember to stay cool and stay hydrated.

Keep the run on!