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Recover In Your Sandals: Feel the OO

"Disclaimer: I received the OOFOS Original Sports Sandal to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!" My running routine after a run is simple, kick off the shoes and put on some sandals! There is no better feeling than to… Continue reading Recover In Your Sandals: Feel the OO


5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities

I love running in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Every single trail is filled with great sites, paved path, and great energy. People always ask me where my favorite place to run is. Well it’s too damn hard to decide on one so here are my Top 5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities. Stone Arch… Continue reading 5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities


Tips For Running While Traveling

This past month I took a trip down to Australia and New Zealand to visit my friend and also road trip from the south island of New Zealand to the north island. This caused a little hassle for me and my running routine but with all the hiking and walking that Emily and I did… Continue reading Tips For Running While Traveling


THE 1000 IN 2016 Announcement

Last week I previewed a little announcement that I was going to make. This announcement is officially here! As the New Year roles in, many reflect on the year prior and make plans for the year ahead. I am not one to dwell on things that are in the past but I do look back… Continue reading THE 1000 IN 2016 Announcement