Recover In Your Sandals: Feel the OO

Disclaimer: I received the OOFOS Original Sports Sandal to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

My running routine after a run is simple, kick off the shoes and put on some sandals! There is no better feeling than to let your feet loose after a run. For many years I thought that every sandal was the same. Oh boy was I wrong. Recently I was introduced to a brand called OOFOS that specializes in footwear that helps you recover after running. Lucky for me, they decided to hook me up with a pair to try for a couple weeks.


First Impression

My first impression was pretty straight forward; it’s a pair of sandals. I got a red and black pair and they looked like any other sandals you can find, which I liked. I hate when a product tries to be so different from the market that it sticks out like a sore thumb, or pinky toe because #RunnerProblems. They were light and they had a little more cushion then a typical sandal. They also felt great and looked pretty sweet as well.


Walking Around

I put them on and felt the difference right away. They felt snug and comfortable on the foot. The extra cushion felt great when I was walking around because it was absorbing the impact of the ground. I really liked that the OOfoam conformed to the outline of my arch instead of just being flat. To really feel the difference, I decided to go full scientific on the OOFOS and do a “foot-to-foot” comparison. I put my regular sandal on one foot (I had the ones with the swoosh on them) and the OOFOS on the other and walked around my apartment. The difference was crazy. OOFOS felt way better than that other brand.


Why Are They Better?

OOFOS are made to take the pounding away from your feet when you walk. The OOfoam absorbs 37% more shock than traditional footwear, which allows your feet to get some relief and recover. With the sandal being able to conform to your foot, especially the arches, it allows for more natural motion and comfortable support.

How I Used Them

I am in the middle of two big running goals. The first is running 1000 miles in 2016 and the second training for a marathon. These OOFOS came in handy every single day. After every run I would throw on my OOFOS and begin to recover with stretching, protein in-take and continuous walking around. I also play beach volleyball and they were great to bring to the courts because I was able to rinse them off without worrying about ruining them. I got the Men’s OOriginal Sport Sandal and I am about to buy the Sport Slide Sandal so I can wear my compression socks while I wear the sandal. I totally suggest getting a pair because they are pretty fantastic!


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5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities

I love running in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Every single trail is filled with great sites, paved path, and great energy. People always ask me where my favorite place to run is. Well it’s too damn hard to decide on one so here are my Top 5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities.

Stone Arch Loop: This is a great 3.5 mile loop. It is all paved and majority of it will be on a running trail. There are some stoplights that you may have to deal with, although there are a couple turns you can take to avoid them. You get to run alongside the Mississippi River with great views of downtown Minneapolis. You will also get an awesome experience running down historical Main Street and Stone Arch. Make sure you run clockwise for the best views.


The Uptowner: Experience the Uptown lifestyle by taking this quick 3.5 mile loop. Park your car anywhere alongside the route and jump right into it. Uptown has a great vibe and you will be able to soak in some of the great local shops and atmosphere. There will be plenty of traffic and stoplights so make sure you are paying a little more attention than usual. This would be a good time to use the Aftershokz Titanium headphones.


Harriet Island Loop Around: This is a great way to venture out of Minneapolis into St. Paul. Take this 5+ mile run down the Mississippi River onto Harriet Island Park. You will get a good workout here with a higher elevation change, but you will be surrounded by great scenery of the river and downtown St. Paul.


The Lakes: I am sure you knew this was coming. Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet are two of the most iconic lakes in the Twin Cities. With an awesome atmosphere and great views of the city, these two lakes are perfect for a run. Combine the two lakes and get a great 7 mile (almost) run or split them up. Enjoy the constant flow people around the lakes and a nice paved and smooth path. After the run, enjoy a beer at Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun.


Back to School: Have the urge to go back to school? Well take this quick and easy loop through the University of Minnesota. This quick 3 mile loop will take you through the heart of the U of M. Check out the campus and the historical buildings but you’ll also experience the Mississippi Bridge and Dinkytown. You’ll run alongside the light rail so keep your earls on high alert. Park down by the River Flats and head up East River Road to get a killer hill workout.



Beer Loop: This probably should have been the first one! Take this 4 mile run through Northeast Minneapolis and hit up as many as 5 different craft breweries. You will start at Able Brewery. Make your way down to Dangerous Man. From there you have the longest run to Fair State Brewery. At that point you will have to decide how much more beer you can drink and still successfully finish, but you have to options of going to Bauhaus Brew Labs and/or 612 Brew. Beer and Running? Is there a better combination?


Now get out there and do some running (and drinking)!

Do you have a favorite running spot in the Twin Cities? Comment below with your running route. Send me any picture that you take on these loops!

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Tips For Running While Traveling

Travel Running
Running through Hooker Valley towards Mount Cook

This past month I took a trip down to Australia and New Zealand to visit my friend and also road trip from the south island of New Zealand to the north island. This caused a little hassle for me and my running routine but with all the hiking and walking that Emily and I
did on the trip, I managed to stay loose and active. Keep an eye out for my blogs and videos about traveling coming out in the next couple of weeks, but for now I have 5 tips for running while traveling.

I love to travel and explore new places whether it’s for work or play. Through my experience I have learned a few tips and tricks. Here are my 5 Tips for Running While Traveling:

Pack Appropriately. Make sure that you know what the weather is going to be like where ever you are going. The worst is when you pack long sweats and its 75 degree tank weather. Also, just in general do not forget to pack your running gear. Shoes, shirt, socks, shorts, boom done!

Travel Correctly. This focuses on longer trips where you have multiple layovers and huge time differences. Make sure you set a watch to your destination time. Start getting your body ready for the time change by sleeping at the correct time while on layovers and in planes. Also, make sure to walk around the airport or stretch out at your gate to keep your muscles moving.

Schedule Your Runs. When I travel for work I know my schedule ahead of time and I use that to schedule in my runs. If I know I have a long lunch between meetings, I can get a run in at that time. Otherwise the best bet is to just run in the morning. People are not always used to waking up early but getting it done in the AM will prevent you from skipping it all together.

Eat Right. Slacking on your diet can be really easy while away from your regular routine. Make sure to have a good healthy breakfast at your hotel, skip the continental waffle, and a light lunch during the day. If you are running in the AM, make sure to get some protein, like eggs or peanut butter, after your run.

Run the City. Best way to learn the area where you are staying is to go for a run. If you are staying at a hotel, ask the front desk for a suggested route. If you are camping out or staying in hostels, and feel like you are in a safe location, hit the road and get a little “lost” and find your way back.

Hope that your travels are amazing and your running is on point! Check back for more updates on my run to 1000 and my travel blog and videos. Have any more suggestions or want something else to add? Comment below!

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One Month Down: Week Four

One month into 2016 and I am on track for my 1000 miles in 2016. It has not necessarily been the easiest month for running for me. So far I have battled with a little bit of scheduling issues, injury, and the drive to get into a routine. Setting all those things aside, it has been a pretty awesome first month of pushing myself to run every single day. I have learned that I need to stretch more, run on the treadmill less, and continue to not make excuses.

This upcoming month I want to focus on morning yoga, healthy eating, and exploring winter running in Minnesota. I usually wake up at 6:00 AM to get ready for work and head out. This month I want to entertain the idea of waking up at 5:00 AM and doing yoga. I found a YouTuber named Adriene who has a yoga channel called Yoga With Adriene. She has a playlist called 30 Days of Yoga which I am going to be following for my “Yoga Mornings”.

Food and nutrition is always part of the conversation when it comes to any kind of exercise or workout. I am going to focus on clean eating that has added vitamins and proteins instead of fats. Also, I am a huge snacker so I am going to look at new and healthy ways to snack.

Minnesota is an amazing state that offers urban and natural views and trails for running. Being based in Minneapolis, I have miles of trails that I utilize all summer long. Unfortunately, I have never been much of a winter outdoor runner but this month I am going to change that. I am looking to throw on my sweatshirt, put on the long johns and head outdoors!

Stay tuned for updates about yoga, healthy eating and winter running! If you have any suggestions for any of my February topics please comment below and I would love to read your suggestions. Continue to follow my The 1000 In 2016 theme and check me out on my social channels!

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THE 1000 IN 2016 Announcement

Last week I previewed a little announcement that I was going to make. This announcement is officially here!

As the New Year roles in, many reflect on the year prior and make plans for the year ahead. I am not one to dwell on things that are in the past but I do look back at my success and failures and try to learn from them. When it comes to the future, I am not much of a “New Year’s resolution” type of guy. Instead, I like to set goals for myself. Whether its work, the relationships I have with people, or personal goals I like to have a clear definition and a path to achieving my goals. This year, the year of 2016, I want to run 1000 miles.

Oh yeah, 1000 miles. For some, it might not seem that much. You might think that it’s not going to be that hard. For others, it might be an impossible goal, something unattainable. For me though, I think this is a perfect goal. I have been running all of my life. I have ran four marathons, 6 half marathons, multiple obstacle races and countless 5Ks. Since I have run all those races, training has become something that is easy to skip out on because I know I can run those miles no matter what. What I am looking for is a challenge that will force me to run the miles every single day. It’s not about time, it’s not about a specific race, but it is all about putting in the work no matter what EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Here is the breakdown:


What do I want to accomplish (besides the obvious of running 1000 miles in 2016)?

  • Run 1000 miles in 2016, the obvious
  • Become a better and faster runner
  • Run every single day for 2.74 miles (this one is a little harder to do considering I already missed a day and had to make it up. But it was New Year’s Day aka hungover)
  • Find fun and interesting ways to share my journey to 1000 with my audience (no matter how small it is)
    • Pictures: I love to take pictures. I want to be able to find cool ways to take pictures when I run and share them here: INSTAGRAM
    • Videos: I have always wanted to make videos. I have made a few already that can be seen here: YOUTUBE. I want to continue to challenge myself in this category and continue to make videos. I will try to make one once a week, kind of like a vlog!
    • Writing: I have this BLOG. I will continue to update it every single week to discuss things about running, fitness, travel and whatever else is going on.
  • Connect with my audience. I want to be able to provide content that is interesting to at least one person. I am not here for millions of views but if I can get one person to be interested I will be pumped!

Well here we go! You know what I am setting out to do in 2016. If you have questions, comments or suggestions comment below, otherwise I hope you enjoy!! #the1000in2016

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