About Me


Welcome! This blog is meant to provide information about running that is geared towards keep you out on the trails rather than on the couch. Whether it’s motivation, new and exciting products, recovery and injury prevention, or just my thoughts about running, I hope that you will find this information useful.

My name is ANDREY. I have been running for over 13 years. Starting out young, I was always drawn to the challenge of running. It started with running the 400 meters in track to moving on to higher distances like the marathon. Running is a part of my life more than anything else

I love to tell stories and share information. I started this blog to tell people about my travels in Australia back in 2012. It has definitely evolved to much more running focused but as I continue to travel and run everywhere I go, I imagine that there will be more travel related topics that revolve around running. My focus is to bring you information that is relevant to the running community. I love to explore new products and brands, and I do not shy away from talking about products that I love.

Explore my blog for race discounts, product reviews, running stories, and soon to come travel topics.

Besides running, I stay active by Mountain Biking and Volleyball. I love to stay active and more importantly stay outdoors. I want to be able to connect and collaborate with runners and travelers.

Come on a run with me: Email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.



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