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Getting Better at Running Turkeyday 5K

Disclaimer: I received an entry into the Minneapolis Turkey Day 5kas part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It’s weird running the same race more than once. On the onehand it’s great because you know what to expect and you are able to plan ahead.On the other hand, it could take away from the excitement and the joy of trying something new. I look at it as a way perfect your race experience and have aleg up on the other participants.

Running the TurkeyDay 5K in Minneapolis was a way for me to perfect my experience. From last year, I learn a couple very important lessons. Lesson One: it takes about 30 seconds to pick-up your bib number. Lesson Two: there is no bag drop, so wear what you are going to run in or have someone with you to hold your stuff. Lesson Three: under-dress.

My first lesson was all about the packet pick-up. When you run the Turkeyday 5K in Minneapolis you have the ability to pick up your bib and all of the race information at a local running store or you can grab your bib race day in the morning at Target Center. I learned that picking up the race info, no matter whether it was at a store or race day, it was very easy and very quick. You do not need to budget a lot of time for that.

Second lesson involved wearing what I ran in. There is no bag drop for the Turkeyday 5K, so wear what you run in. The parking lot is very close to the race start. Plus you are able to hangout inside of the Target Center so you can stay warm if it is freezing out. Wear what you are planning to run in to make it easier for you.

Finally, lesson three is all about layers. Thanksgiving, it’s usually not shorts and tank weather in Minneapolis. But that doesn’t mean that heavy layering is needed for this run. I made a mistake in having one too many layers this year. It was very uncomfortable, and it made me much colder in the end once I finished. Insider tip, after the race they give you the metallic blanket, so you can stay warm.

Well there it is. After running the Turkeyday 5k in Minneapolis for two years in a row, I feel very much like I am perfecting my race routine for Thanksgiving Day. These were the three lessons that I learned this year and I am going to keep them in mind for the race next year!



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