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When I like a brand, I do not shine away from talking about them. Caterpy Laces are my favorite laces, Brooks are my favorite running shoes, and Simple Modern is by far my favorite water bottle.

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It’s no secret that runners consume a lot of water. I am not an exception, rather I take that to the max. I am constantly drinking water. With a million water bottle choices out there, everyone has their own opinions of the best water bottle. I would assume that a high number of people would rank HydroFlask at the top. I, on the other hand, have a different bottle company that I love.

20180827 - SM-5
Summer bike ride on Stone Arch Bridge

Simply Modern is an insulated water bottle company that strives to provide a simple solution to your everyday drinking needs. I stumbled upon this brand a little over 12 months ago. For whatever reason at the time I was looking for a new water bottle and really wanted an insulated one. I did not want anything crazy special nor did I want to pay a crazy price for a 22oz water bottle.

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Mill City Ruins

I am glad I found Simple Modern because I love these water bottles. I bought three myself and then got my girlfriend into them and bought her two more. I use my water bottle all day every day.


I use my Summit 18oz water bottle as my coffee mug. The simple design is great because it fits in my cup hold of my car. The bottle is small enough to carry around to meetings at work and it fits in the mesh pocket of my bag. The insulated technology is great because it keeps my coffee hot all day.

Daily Use

For the amount of water I drink, I needed a bigger water bottle that keep ice solid and water freezing. I have the Summit 22oz water bottle that I use it daily. Essentially this water bottle goes where I go. It’s not huge so it fits everywhere and its durable. I have dropped it many times without any issues.


I think that these water bottles are ideal for travel. They are light and durable but also crazy good at keeping water cold and hot drinks hot. They have a bunch of designs can be great for your specific style. They easily fit into a gym bag or backpack and the different types of lids allow to hoop up to larger bags.

20180827 - SM-6
Personal Simple Modern Collection

I am a huge fan of their simple design, great company mission, and their giving nature. They have a lot of different options to choose from and they are coming out with new products all the time. Their products are stylish, and they are perfect for a simple lifestyle. They also have a great Giving Program where they donate 10% of their profits to non-profit and charitable organizations. Everyone can get behind that!

Do you have a favorite water bottle brand? What is a deciding factor for you when buying something branded?


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