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New 5K PR Has Been Claimed

Disclaimer: I received an entry into the Minneapolis Torchlight 5K as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Smile! That was the theme to my Torchlight 5K Race. I knew that I was going to be close with my time. I have done over a dozen 5K races, realistically probably more than that, but very rarely did I race any of them. They are usually some kind of beer run, a fun run with friends, or something that I am doing while hungover. Not this race. I was ready for this race.


I told myself from the beginning that I wanted to smile and be happy during this race. I love Torchlight 5K, definitely one of my top 3 races ever, and I knew that staying positive will help me succeed. I had a great warm-up in Loring Park and then headed to the starting line. This race is essentially a giant party. There was awesome up-beat music at the starting line, the cheering squads are out in full force, and I will get to how awesome the party after is.


I snuck my way into the first corral. Felt out of place because it was all the sponsored runners but I had my BibRave jersey on so it was all good. I had very strict rules for myself: start the race running 5 seconds under pace for the first 5 blocks. I always start a race way too fast so this was my way of cooling myself off.


Race gun goes off and we are on our way down Hennepin Ave. I always make my way to the center of the road because the views are amazing and it makes me feel awesome. I started off as I wanted to and after the first five blocks, I turned on the speed. I slowly amped up my speed through the first mile. Mile two is when I sunk into my pace and just got comfortable going fast. Once I got to the third mile, I turned on the wheels. Gradually decreased my pace over about 3 blocks and when we crossed under the Hennepin Bridge I was pushing it really hard. At that point I still had a good chunk of distance to go, but I had gas in the tank.


Crossing that finish line right after Stone Arch Bridge was the best feeling. I looked down at my watch and knew right away that it was a good race. The PR was achieved. I walked through the finishing area, grabbing all the snacks that I could, and headed straight for the celebratory beer. The race after party is amazing, the live band gets everyone amped and there is nothing better than watching the sun go down on the downtown skyline.


The race was really official for me when I was able to claim my Athlinks time! By claiming my race on Athlinks, I am able to officially add my PR to my race portfolio. Until next time Torchlight 5k!


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