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Let’s Talk About Shoe Laces

Something as simple as a shoe lace can provide some serious pain to the foot or become a distraction during a run or a race.

So, about that shoe lace

Something that is perceived as unimportant, can have an impact that is greater than expected. During a run and through workouts, shoe laces play a key role of making sure that shoe does not fall off your foot. It is a mindless act but tying your shoes and using the right laces can be beneficial for you or can affect you negatively. Incorrect shoe laces can cause pain in the foot and loose shoes. I found my solution to both and I do not have to tie my running shoes anymore.

20180530 - G0080779
CATERPY LACES hold through the snow.

When I run, I like a snug shoe that does not put extreme pressure on the top of my foot. Yeah, I know, there are Pinterest boards that have a bunch of shoe lace tying techniques. Instead of trying to make my laces work, I found CATERPY LACES. The shoe laces act as a bungy rather than a pressured rope. This eliminates my pain and keeps the shoe snug.

20180530 - IMG_7886
I tuck my CATERPY LACES through the loops.

CATERPY LACES allow you to customize the tension on your shoe, which removes the pressure points without losing the tightness of the shoe. Their elastic bump technology keeps the shoe laces “tied” to the shoe. You put them on once, cut the ends depending on the tightness desired, and never have to worry about tying your shoes again. The elastic bumps allow you to adjust the tightness whenever needed and the elasticity of the entire lace gives you the flexibility (you see what I did there) to just slip your foot in and out of the shoe.

20180530 - caterpy-laces-points

I like to keep my running as simple as possible. When variables enter the process, there is more room for error, destruction, and concern. Having a shoe lace that I don’t have to worry about or get pain from is most important to me. Also, 100 points to never having to tie your shoes again!

Running without pain.

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