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Best Trail Running Spots in Minnesota

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Trail running is a lot of fun and it involves a whole new set of skill sets that you cannot get just by trying to run on the paved path. From the form to the technique to the equipment, everything changes. So, when you sign up for a trail race and need to start running, you need to find actual dirt trails to go out to and run on. If you are in Minnesota and you need to go out and run some trails, here is a list of places that are great for trail running.

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Northern Minnesota

The Superior Hiking Trail: This is a huge trail that runs from the Duluth area in Northern Minnesota all the way through Grand Marie by Canada. The trail is split up into sections, so it is really easy to go out and do a small part of the trail. Make sure you map out your route before you go.

Cuyuna Lakes State Trail: These are fantastic trails that weave in and out of trees, clay cliffs and great views of the lakes. Plenty of miles to get your training done. Pro Tip: respect and watch out for the mountain bikers, a lot of the trails are shared.

Central Minnesota

Afton State Park: Only 45 min from the Twin Cities, Afton State Park has lot of miles that can be done on the trail. There are combo areas where you will need to run some paved path, but regardless there is plenty of trail running to be done.

Theodore Wirth Regional Park: This hidden gem is pretty much in the center of the cities. 5 min from Downtown Minneapolis, this is a great place to escape to for a lunch run or on the way home from work. These trails are shared with MORC, so be respectful of the mountain bikers and always yield.

South Minnesota

Root River State Park: This beautiful park is located right on Root River. The trails will range from paved to dirt, but you will definitely get a nice workout with all the hills. Enjoy these trails as they run right next to the flowing river.

Sakatah Lake State Park: The Sakatah Bike Trail is a very popular trail in Southern Minnesota. Little do people know that there is plenty of dirt trails that run off the main cycling trail. Suggestion is to grab your bike and bring your trail running shoes with.


Now that you have places to train in Minnesota, it’s time to grab some new trail running shoes. You should consider the UA Horizon RTT Trail Running Shoes. The trail shoes are meant to be comfortable, with a good amount of cushion. At the same time, they are very stable and provide a level of control for the runner on the trail. They are extremely durable and made for all levels of trail running. Check them out and hit the trails!


Which trails do you love to run on? Comment below!