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Toss the Excel Doc & Sign Up for Athlinks

So many endurance athletes rely on self tracking when it comes to looking at your past races and results. I would image that most have an excel doc, race journal, or some kind of cloud based spreadsheet where you track the races that you have signed up for, completed, and the finishing time.

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The reason why most of us have been doing this is because there has not been a centralized database to keep track of endurance races and finishing times. Many races had their own system, some were part of a network of races but then there were multiple networks, and races just did not want to get into the big data of athletes. Now there is a system in place to find races and athletes, sign-up for the race, claim your result after you finish, and track your history and progression.

How does Athlinks work?

Athlinks makes it easy for athletes to track all of their race history in one easy to use spot. No spreadsheet required! As stated on their site, “Athlinks is the largest results database of endurance athletes in the world.” Running, swimming, cycling, triathlons, and mountain biking are all the different types of events that Athlinks will hold history for. By working with race directors, the results sourcing team at Athlinks can gather the results of races and enter them into the database for athletes to find.

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Why should you use Athlinks?

  • You can have all of your race information in one spot. Whether it was a running race or mountain biking, Athlinks will keep the data for you.
  • You can find old races that you have run and add them to your own personal history.
  • Finding future events is easy and you can register for the event using an existing profile.
  • Athlinks is built like a community, so you can find your racing buddies and follow their accomplishments.
  • There are also fun features built into Athlinks, like โ€œRivalsโ€ where you can see the friends that you have competed in races with.

How do I use Athlinks?

Since signing up for Athlinks, I have gone through an claimed all of the races that I have done that are already in their database.

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I started following my friends that are also runners. It is easy to find people through the standard search bar.

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I am also following my Rivals, and keep track of who I ran with and if I won.

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Most importantly, I am filling my race schedule with Athlinks. For example, I wanted to run a race in May and found the Maple Grove Half Marathon. From here I can easily sign up for the race.

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Is this the solution weโ€™ve been waiting for?

I believe so. From what I can see, Athlinks continues to grow and add new features, races, and event types. I see this platform growing and finding new ways to engage with athletes. The most important thing is that this platform is very easy to use and I do not see that going away.

Go to and search your name. See how many results are waiting for you to be claimed! Follow me on Athlinks:


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