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Running Accessories for Under $20

There is nothing better than some new running gear, well except for PRs. Finding something new and trying it out is always exciting. The unfortunate part, is that it can get expensive buying a bunch of new stuff all the time. Well, here is a list of five products on Amazon that are perfect for a runner and wonโ€™t break the bank.

Foam Roller w/Trigger Points $16.99

20180312 - Foam Roller


This Foam Roller is perfect for getting down into the deep tissue. Every runner should have a foam roller for all the aches and pain from putting in the miles. This is a great option for either a first-time roller or an upgrade.

Running Belt $19.95

20180312 - SPI Belt

The SPI Running Belt is a must have for every runner. It is super lightweight, stores everything youโ€™re your keys to your phone, itโ€™s minimal, and it is pretty much a no bounce belt. Speaking from experience, I have been using the same one since 2012. Maybe I should buy a new one!!

Casual Running T-Shirt $20

20180312 - Running T Shirt

Runners love to let everyone know that they are runners. This running shirt pretty much does exactly that. We all need some casual running shirts and this T with a straightforward design provides the comfort and style a runner wants.

No Tie Caterpy Laces $11.95

20180312 - Catery Laces

Everyone hates shoe laces because they always come untied. There is a solution for that! These no tie shoes laces are perfect for runners because there are no big pressure points on the foot, they don’t come untied, and they never need readjusting.

Resistance Band Set $19.95

20180312 - Resistance Bands

When the gym is not an option, the resistance bands can be a great substitute. When you want to get a quick lift in or want to do a full workout, the resistance bands can be a great compliment or substitute to going to the gym. Plus, there are a ton of resistance bands workouts out there.

Do you have a favorite accessory for your running or working out activities? Comment below and let me know!


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