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Exploring a City Through Running

I have always wanted to travel for work. Whether it was every week, every month, or once a quarter, I wanted to be able to work in a new setting often. In 2017, as Brilliant Reflective continued to grow at a quick pace, I was able to hit the road and travel for work 10 different times.

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Austin, TX

Now majority of the time when I am working in a new city I am working 10 – 12 hours a day and rarely get to have a free day to explore the entire city. Fortunately for me, I found a way that I could see the city without having to extend my trip or miss out on work.

Lake Tahoe, CA

I was training for a race pretty much the entire 2017 year. I had scheduled runs almost every day and found that, even being on the road, I was pretty good at sticking to that schedule. I quickly learned that I could multitask and explore that city that I was in through the runs that I had to do.

Austin, TX

On average I was in a new city for three days. That allowed me to have at least two runs that I could do on the trip. With those two runs, I was able to explore 10 – 15 miles of the city and spend a couple hours seeing what all these wonderful places had to offer.

Boston, MA

When I arrive in a new city I follow a standard routine of going to Strava, Google, Instagram and searching for run bloggers. I plan out my runs in advance and make sure to fit something in either before or after work. I know where I want to run, what I want to see on the run, and if I need to bring anything special with me. My tips for exploring a city on you feet are:

  1. Check Out Strava Segments
  2. Look Through Google Maps for Water Fronts
  3. Searching for Local Running Areas on Instagram
  4. Reach Out to a Running Club in the City
  5. Search for a Run Blogger in the City
Whistler, BC

Next time you travel, bring your running shoes and hit the trails of your new city. Explore something new and make sure to use the tips above for finding your running route.