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Best Way to Start Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is always filled with three things: Friends/Family, Food, and Football. For me it’s usually all of that times two. I also think of Thanksgiving as a Holiday for immigrants because, going back to the origins, the Pilgrims are immigrants. My day is usually filled with at least two big meals, a lot of sitting around watching football, and of course a nap somewhere in there. Well, I am very excited to add a new tradition to my Thanksgiving.


This year, I woke up nice and early, with 5000 others, and ran an amazing race through downtown Minneapolis. It was a brisk but sunny morning, and the DJ was definitely excited to be out on the course. The Turkey Day 5K is a Lifetime event and it was an awesome start to a day full of unhealthy activities.


There are three big reasons why I enjoyed this race so much and why you should add this race to your Thanksgiving Day morning

FIRST: Getting up on Thanksgiving and running a 5K is not an easy task. Most of us need some kind of motivation to get up and get it done. Why not motivate yourself by having an obligation to run? For me, that was exactly what I needed. Especially since the race goes through downtown. The motivation is there beyond just getting up.


SECOND: The race is setup so well. The bib pick-up is offered two different ways. First option, is for you to pick it up at a local running store leading up to the week of the race. Second option is to pick the bib up race day. For me that was the better option. I was able to get to the race an hour before and go through Target Center and get my bib. Super simple and very quick process. Also, prior to the race, there is an empty parking lot that is set up with all sorts of activities. There are areas to take pictures, there were lawn games for people to play, volunteers were giving out free coffee/coco/cider, and there were vendors that were giving out a bunch of free stuff. After the race, all the runners were able to go and get free food such as water, Gatorade, pretzels, fruit and granola bars. The entire time I was looking for something to criticize but I was unable to find anything.


THIRD: The course of this race is pretty sweet. You start near the Target Center and make your way straight for US Bank Stadium. From the Bank you run down to the river and take the river back towards Stone Arch Bridge and North Loop. The finish of the race is a great straight shot for about 4 blocks. Besides the architecture of the city, there are a lot of spectators, volunteers, the SKOL LINE, and a water station for you to enjoy. Right after you finish, you are handed an awesome turkey medal and you are off to get some goodies.


The race is fun, it is well put on, there are plenty of activities for spectators and runners to do before and after the race, it is very family oriented, and most importantly it is a great way to start the day on a day filled with sitting, eating and drinking.