Motivation Monday: Getting Back to Running

Injury after injury, can I really get back to running? The last six weeks have been brutal. I feel recovered, start running, and a new injury comes up. Constantly fighting with myself to figure out what is going on with my legs. I felt OK going into Rock ‘n Roll Denver, but came out with a list of issues. Now, four weeks have passed and today is Monday and I feel motivated.


My list of injuries have included a left groin problem, right knee issue, right hamstring concern, and a complete mystery that no one could figure out. My recovery plan has included yoga, rolling my legs on a consistent basis, standing at work (standing desk FTW), and avoiding any major running efforts. I am starting to feel better but more importantly I am starting to feel lazy.

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Laziness is always going to be the easiest path to take. I am not about that. It is time for me to get moving. Lucky for me, I live an a very run active city and I have some great options for getting my butt back out there and getting it done! Here are some awesome opportunities that I am excited to take advantage of them.


The US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis is opening up their doors for runners. Eleven times through the rest of the year you can avoid the fidget MN weather and head indoors to run this .5 mile look inside the stadium.

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We Run MPLS is an awesome, “all speed and type of runner’s welcome and no one gets left behind,” type of running club. They meet every Thursday and are a lot of fun to run with. Doesn’t matter if you run a 6min mile or a 10min mile, you’ll he someone to run the 3 miles with.

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Minneapolis Turkey Trot 5K is a great way to make sure that you get a run in before you start enjoying the amazing Thanksgiving Food. This year I am going to be running the Turkey Trot and I am very excited for the 5K. Good reason for me to slip some speed work into my routine.

20171102 - TD5K_6

I feel motivated so it is time for me to hit the trails and go for a run. If you are in Minnesota, consider joining me at US Bank Stadium running series, at We Run MPLS on Thursdays, or sign up and run the Minneapolis Turkey Trot 5K. I will even give you 10% off of the race. Just use “TURKEYDAY2017” at checkout.