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13.1 Things Not to Think About

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If I said, “Don’t think about cute puppies!” I bet you are thinking about cute puppies! This is normal for people. So to help with your Half Marathon Prep, here are 13.1 things that you should(not) think about.

  1. Don’t think about the 13.1 miles that you have to run
  2. Don’t think about how great your legs feel, even though there is a random pain in your hip
  3. Don’t think about how early you have to wake up to get to the starting line
  4. Don’t think about the awesome starting line atmosphere
  5. Don’t think about the stuff you get at the race expo
  6. Don’t think about the awesome swag you get from the race
  7. Don’t think about all the extra runs and workouts you should have done
  8. Don’t think about the fast estimated finish time that you set for yourself back 10 weeks ago
  9.  Don’t think about the great spectators that will be sheering you on the whole race
  10. Don’t think about the free food you get at the end of the run
  11. Don’t think about how great your beer is going to taste once you finish
  12. Don’t think about all the Instagram like that you are going to get from your race pictures
  13. Don’t think about the cool medal that you are going to get after you finish
  14. (technically 13.1) Don’t think about the crazy awesome accomplishment it is to train for and finish a Half Marathon

A runners mental strength is just as important as the physical. Before your half marathon race, make sure to mentally prepare for the 13.1 miles. Visualize the course, plan our your morning routine, make sure you know your fueling plan for the race, and make sure that you are mentally ready to take down 13.1 miles.

How do you mentally prepare for your race? Comment below