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Run w/Fire @ Torchlight 5K

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I have run through downtown Minneapolis, to the Stone Arch Bridge and back about a thousand times. Seriously! Running along the Mississippi River and across the river is one of my typical routes. What I haven’t done, at least not before last week, was run down the middle of the street in downtown Minneapolis. What I mean by that is I ran down the middle of Hennepin Avenue, one of the main streets in downtown Minneapolis.

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I was pumped when I saw the opportunity to run the Torchlight 5K in Minneapolis. The starting line is about three blocks from my apartment and the finish is in the beautiful area of Stone Arch and St. Anthony Main. This is a fun race because you get to run through the city on a closed road and then make your way down the river and then crossing it. Talk about all the awesome views.

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Another part of the race which was awesome is that it is a mid-week evening race. I think that this is a fun, unique feature that most races are not able to accommodate. With Torchlight 5K having a partnership with the Minneapolis Aquitennial, they can pull something like this off. The race is followed by the night time parade so you get the crowd of both the race and the parade.

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The race starts by the Basilica of Saint Mary right on Hennepin Avenue. From there you are running towards the Mississippi River with a small detour through Northloop. Crossing the Stone Arch Bridge, you are welcomed by the Mississippi River and into St. Anthony Main you go. At the finish line you are greeted with photographers, plenty of volunteers handing out water, bananas, sports drink and pretzels. After the finish line area, there is a festival with live music, food, vendors and beer!

The Best Pros: Getting to run down Hennepin Avenue through Downtown Minneapolis. Getting free pictures from the event. Getting plenty of food at the end of the race. Having a festival after the race with food and beer. And most importantly each finisher gets 2 FREE BEERS!

20170723 - Torchlight_4

The Cons: At the starting line the volunteers tried to let different pace groups go at different times by holding down a rope. That did not work and just screwed everyone up. The race itself is more than a 5K. My GPS watch clocked me in at running 3.35 miles instead of the 3.1. The last thing is not that big of a deal but it’s good to know about that there is a hair pin turn which can be very difficult with lots of runners.

All in all, I thought it was a fun event that I really enjoyed. After work, doing a quick run and then being able to enjoy a few brews in a beautiful downtown Minneapolis area. Sign me up!

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