Running Gear For Taking Pictures

If you follow me on any social media, you will know that I have a bunch of pictures of me running. I have been focusing on getting quality, innovative, and exciting images for my social feed. I focus on travel/urban images and of course a lot of running images. Through practice and trail & error, I got pretty good at nailing the whole self picture taking thing. Here are the 5 things I use to make sure my pictures keep people interested.

  1. iPhone – I use my iPhone for all my images. Itโ€™s small enough for me to bring on a run and most of the time I already have it on me for music (or the BibRave Podcast)
  2. SPI Belt – these belts are awesome. There are different types and sizes and can easily carry an iPhone, keys, gels, and credit cards if needed
  3. JOBY GorrilaPod – these tripods are great because they can be folded, bent, and adjusted to any surface. Whether you need to put it on a post, tree or stairs it will adjust as needed
  4. iPhone Lenses – I use attachment lenses on some runs to add a little bit of a flare to the images. I got these that are inexpensive and work pretty well iPhone Lenses
  5. Rock/Ledge/Post – I guess I do not carry these with me but I use them all the time. All you need is something to lean your phone against

Now that you know the secrets, go out there and snap some awesome action shots. Make sure to share them on Instagram and tag it with #KeepTheRunOn

Keep The Run On