Last Stretch of Winter Training

We can only hope that the groundhog was wrong and we only have a little bit more of winter. Regardless of what that little fur ball saw, runners need to push through the last of the cold winter weather.

Minneapolis Cedar Lake Trail

I am doing so with a combination of running, cross training, and weight lifting, but the way that I am going to get through the last bit of winter is by splitting my time outside and indoor training.

I love to run outside. Unlike others, I think it is a lot easier for me to run outside than on a treadmill. I like to be able to change-up the route and be able to enjoy the lakes, city, river and other runners around the Minneapolis area. This winter, I did most of my running on the treadmill. About 25% of my training was outside. This is a combination of it’s too damn cold in Minnesota and it’s too damn cold in Minnesota. Whenever I did whether the weather and head outdoors, I did not leave the apartment without my Buff for my face, my warm running clothing, and my Brilliant Reflective (for night-time running).

Minneapolis Loring Park

Now that it is getting a little warmer out, as in it’s above 20 degrees, I am starting to run outside more. There is a transition that has to happen. It is not good for your muscles and joints to dive into the deep end of running on pavement after splashing around on the treadmill the past two months. Running on the treadmill is different from running on pavement. The treadmill is more forgiving on your legs, on the treadmill you are keeping up with the tread rather than propelling yourself forward like on the road, and on the treadmill you do not have the outdoor elements such as weather.

I am starting my outdoor running slowly. To begin, I will be running my easy midweek runs outside while doing the harder workouts indoors. As weather becomes better, I will add more workouts to the outdoor routine. I am also going to try to do some trail running to ease into the hardness of pavement. This way I am not taking a huge leap.

Here are three tips that I have for transition from Treadmill to Pavement:

  1. Take it slow – don’t move your whole training schedule to the road all at once
  2. Take is easy – remember that the treadmill doesn’t have the elements, so adjust to the cold, ice and wind
  3. Take it to the dirt – throw in some trail runs to ease on to the toughness of pavement

Keep The Run On


For more tips check out: http://www.runnersworld.com/ask-coach-jenny/how-to-transition-from-the-treadmill-to-the-roads ; http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/How-Transition-From-Treadmill-Road-2921548