5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities

I love running in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Every single trail is filled with great sites, paved path, and great energy. People always ask me where my favorite place to run is. Well it’s too damn hard to decide on one so here are my Top 5 Best Running Loops in Twin Cities.

Stone Arch Loop: This is a great 3.5 mile loop. It is all paved and majority of it will be on a running trail. There are some stoplights that you may have to deal with, although there are a couple turns you can take to avoid them. You get to run alongside the Mississippi River with great views of downtown Minneapolis. You will also get an awesome experience running down historical Main Street and Stone Arch. Make sure you run clockwise for the best views.


The Uptowner: Experience the Uptown lifestyle by taking this quick 3.5 mile loop. Park your car anywhere alongside the route and jump right into it. Uptown has a great vibe and you will be able to soak in some of the great local shops and atmosphere. There will be plenty of traffic and stoplights so make sure you are paying a little more attention than usual. This would be a good time to use the Aftershokz Titanium headphones.


Harriet Island Loop Around: This is a great way to venture out of Minneapolis into St. Paul. Take this 5+ mile run down the Mississippi River onto Harriet Island Park. You will get a good workout here with a higher elevation change, but you will be surrounded by great scenery of the river and downtown St. Paul.


The Lakes: I am sure you knew this was coming. Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet are two of the most iconic lakes in the Twin Cities. With an awesome atmosphere and great views of the city, these two lakes are perfect for a run. Combine the two lakes and get a great 7 mile (almost) run or split them up. Enjoy the constant flow people around the lakes and a nice paved and smooth path. After the run, enjoy a beer at Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun.


Back to School: Have the urge to go back to school? Well take this quick and easy loop through the University of Minnesota. This quick 3 mile loop will take you through the heart of the U of M. Check out the campus and the historical buildings but you’ll also experience the Mississippi Bridge and Dinkytown. You’ll run alongside the light rail so keep your earls on high alert. Park down by the River Flats and head up East River Road to get a killer hill workout.



Beer Loop: This probably should have been the first one! Take this 4 mile run through Northeast Minneapolis and hit up as many as 5 different craft breweries. You will start at Able Brewery. Make your way down to Dangerous Man. From there you have the longest run to Fair State Brewery. At that point you will have to decide how much more beer you can drink and still successfully finish, but you have to options of going to Bauhaus Brew Labs and/or 612 Brew. Beer and Running? Is there a better combination?


Now get out there and do some running (and drinking)!

Do you have a favorite running spot in the Twin Cities? Comment below with your running route. Send me any picture that you take on these loops!

Keep the run on!