Running in Heat

Summer is an awesome time to head outdoors and get a good run in. The biggest concern is the heat. Each person is different when it comes to hot and cold weather and the way their body reacts to it. For me, I would rather have it a little bit more warm than cold. Since itโ€™s the summer I figure I focus on the ways I stay cool while running outdoors. First thing first, is to hydrate a ton. I drink water constantly when I am at work. I have a 32oz water bottle at my desk and I drink 3-5 of them a day. By staying hydrated during the day, it will allow you to warm up quicker and avoid any cramps in the beginning of the run. The second step for me is to plot out my run with water stops. I hate running with water or

Ragnar Image 2
All smiles after getting drenched with water during my run

pretty much anything. To make sure that I get the hydration needed, I do my long runs around the lakes or parks that have water stations. The last suggestion that I have for summer running is get your clothes wet. If it is extremely hot out and you just canโ€™t help it and still want to go for a run, dip your hat and jersey in cold water before going out. Sure it may look kind of weird but you are going to get sweaty any way and it will help in the long run.

Ragnar 2015 was the hottest race I have ever done. During my first 7 miles there was a heat index of about 98 degrees. I knew that it was going to be a crazy hot day so I drank plenty of water before the race. I had my team stationed at different parts of the course so that they could give me water and provide any support that I needed. I also had them drench my clothes in cold water so that I could stay cool throughout the run since there was no shade anywhere.

Summer running is the best, just remember to stay cool and stay hydrated.

Keep the run on!