Tips For Running While Traveling

Travel Running
Running through Hooker Valley towards Mount Cook

This past month I took a trip down to Australia and New Zealand to visit my friend and also road trip from the south island of New Zealand to the north island. This caused a little hassle for me and my running routine but with all the hiking and walking that Emily and I
did on the trip, I managed to stay loose and active. Keep an eye out for my blogs and videos about traveling coming out in the next couple of weeks, but for now I have 5 tips for running while traveling.

I love to travel and explore new places whether itโ€™s for work or play. Through my experience I have learned a few tips and tricks. Here are my 5 Tips for Running While Traveling:

Pack Appropriately. Make sure that you know what the weather is going to be like where ever you are going. The worst is when you pack long sweats and its 75 degree tank weather. Also, just in general do not forget to pack your running gear. Shoes, shirt, socks, shorts, boom done!

Travel Correctly. This focuses on longer trips where you have multiple layovers and huge time differences. Make sure you set a watch to your destination time. Start getting your body ready for the time change by sleeping at the correct time while on layovers and in planes. Also, make sure to walk around the airport or stretch out at your gate to keep your muscles moving.

Schedule Your Runs. When I travel for work I know my schedule ahead of time and I use that to schedule in my runs. If I know I have a long lunch between meetings, I can get a run in at that time. Otherwise the best bet is to just run in the morning. People are not always used to waking up early but getting it done in the AM will prevent you from skipping it all together.

Eat Right. Slacking on your diet can be really easy while away from your regular routine. Make sure to have a good healthy breakfast at your hotel, skip the continental waffle, and a light lunch during the day. If you are running in the AM, make sure to get some protein, like eggs or peanut butter, after your run.

Run the City. Best way to learn the area where you are staying is to go for a run. If you are staying at a hotel, ask the front desk for a suggested route. If you are camping out or staying in hostels, and feel like you are in a safe location, hit the road and get a little โ€œlostโ€ and find your way back.

Hope that your travels are amazing and your running is on point! Check back for more updates on my run to 1000 and my travel blog and videos. Have any more suggestions or want something else to add? Comment below!

Keep the run on!