Getting Back Into Running: Week Nine

Alright week nine is almost complete. Feeling really good about the miles and even though there is still some lingering pain, I have found good ways to deal with it. I have missed some days but have found a way to make the miles up. With the winter slowly starting to creep away, it’s been really nice to get outside for some longer runs. With the weather getting better people are going to start getting back into their running routine.


How to get back into running? C’mon we all have had those weeks or months were life, or laziness, creeped up and finding time to run became a little harder to do. You put it off once, twice, and then all of a sudden your running shoes have a little dust on them. Well here are some thoughts on how to get back into the routine of running.

First hurdle is the mental game. Make sure that you set reasonable goals for yourself from the beginning. Sure you were able to bust out 7 miles on a warm evening but now you have to ease yourself back into the run.

  • Start by keeping track of your time rather than the miles
  • Set achievable goals for yourself
  • Be prepared to be a little slower and a little sorer

Second hurdle is the physical game. There will be aches and pains in places that you didn’t know existed. Make sure that you are aware of them and treat them accordingly so that injury does not happen.

  • Get Up! Warm Up! Get Going! Do not forget to warm your body and muscles up before a run
  • Stretch after your workouts to better heal soreness
  • Don’t forget your protein for recovery

Third hurdle is the equipment game. Having the right shoes and clothing can make any run that much more enjoyable.

  • Get a new pair of shoes every 400 miles. 200 – 300 miles if you have really low support or minimalist type of shoes
  • Don’t be fooled by one warm day. Make sure you have the right clothing on for when the temperature is still low in the mornings and at night
  • Turn your lights on! Make sure you are will let during dark morning or night runs. I use LightSpur from Nathan which work great!

Most importantly, sign up for a race! There is nothing like a little motivation to train for a Spring race. It will force you to get up and train. I am running the Get In Gear Half-Marathon at the end of April and have all the motivation I need to get running. I also use BibRave which is an awesome site that can help you find a race that will work for you. It is easy to use and there are helpful reviews and information.

With that I invite you to get back into running!