Snacks for Runners: Week Six

Another week down! Things have been going well but the treadmill is really getting boring. I have been complaining about the treadmill every chance I have but I am in that mindset that soon it will be over and I can take over the outdoors again. Shins have been feeling better and yoga has been going well, when I am able to wake up early enough to do it. This week I want to talk about snacking.

I am a snacker! I love to snack and eat through out the day. I lean towards the salty side of things but who can say no to some gummy bears? I’ve been running for a long time and have been able to pick up on good snacking habits and also learned what to avoid. Here are my top 5 best things to snack on as a runner:

Almonds: An almond is a very healthy nut that has less fat then peanuts or cashews and is filled with healthy fats and protein. They are also rich in fiber and potassium. Super easy snack to take on the go and even on a long run.
Bananas: Bananas are my favorite fruit and they have huge benefits. They have good carbs and are filled with potassium. You can eat them 100 different ways including PB&B sandwiches, smoothies and dried out chips.
Oatmeal: I eat oatmeal almost every single morning. Oatmeal is light and doesn’t have a lot of fats. There are good carbs that provide a nice energy boost. I make my oatmeal with skim milk which also adds 8g of protein.
String Cheese: Nothing like going back to the childhood days! I love string cheese because it’s a very light snack that can help you get to your next meal. You also get the benefits of calcium and protein.
Carrots: Sometimes you just crave that crunch! Carrots help you get full but they are low in calories. I eat them plain but you can dip them into some peanut butter or hummus. gets you through the day.

What do you snack on? Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite snacks are and maybe I will give those a try.

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