Breweries Are The New Coffee Shops

Living in Minneapolis has opened my eyes to an amazing craze of drinking craft beer in small but quaint taprooms that smell like the ingredients that you are drinking. My girlfriend and I have been to almost every
brewery in Minneapolis. We actually have a cork board with a map of Minnesota with locations of all the craft breweries.
We go through the list and place pins in the ones we visit. Talk about an awesome arts and crafts project! Recently we discovered a new brewery literarily a block away from our apartment. Why didn’t we know it existed? It is probably because Lakes and Legends, at the time, had not had their grand opening yet. So what do we do the night before we fly out on vacation? Definitely not pack!

Lakes and Legends: This is a huge new brewery located on street level of the LPM Luxury Apartments building. They have a huge space that is completely open with tables, high-tops and a bar that outlines an entire wall. They even have a little “grass” area that makes you feel like you are at a campfire in northern Minnesota. Looking around, people were doing everything from drinking beer to working to playing board games. LakesWe walked up to the bar where we were met by a very friendly bartender. She recommended some beers and being indecisive we each grabbed a flight of beer. Bringing our unique glasses to a table we noticed all of their really cool merchandise. All of the beer had a unique taste of Belgian style beers. They were all very smooth and delicious. We sat around in the cozy environment and listened to very comfortable indie music. We finished our experience by having an awesome conversation with the bartender, who gave us the rundown of the history of the brewery. All in all it was a great experience and would recommend everyone to make their way to Loring Park and have a beer at Lakes and Legends.

Beermiscuous: We were visiting Chicago and naturally needed to find a place to get a craft brew. After doing a 1 minute of searching we were able to find Beermiscous. Why have one type of beer when you can get a bunch Beermiscousat a craft brew café. We have never heard of a craft brew café but the second you walk into this place you are greeted with two walls of coolers packed with craft beer from all over the country. Beyond the walls of refrigerators there was a small bar with about 10 beers on tap, all craft of course. We talked to the bartender who suggested we try the flight since we were visiting Chicago and have never had any of the beers. We grabbed our flights and found a couple chairs by the window. Looking around, this place looked exactly like a coffee shop. People were working on their laptops, having a meeting and playing cards. Playing cards and enjoying some brews is not a bad way to spend an afternoon in the city!