Be More Cultured

SPCO TicketsAs we sat in the back row of this community church main room, I remember looking around and wondering if Emily and I were the only individuals in this entire room that were in our 20s. I would estimate that the average age in the audience was 60 and that we were the two outliers that the math teacher always

talked about in class. It was a little upsetting knowing that such great art, that everyone in my generation should be familiar with, was not being enjoyed by more of my peers. As the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra continued to play, I kept on thinking how this is something truly wonderful.

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra put on a 2 hour performance at the Wayzata

Community Church, and Emily and I were lucky enough to get invited to go by my parents. I am not going to lie and say that I knew every note that they played, but I will say that I heard music that was very familiar to me throughout the concert. Watching and listening to these artist p

erform live was amazing. The way they move on stage, communicate with brief glances, and play in complete harmony was very beneficial for the soul. We are so used to our generation’s music that is usually found on Spotify or Pandora, we forget about the beauty that lies in hearing a live performance by an extremely talented orchestra playing music that was written by composers that developed the music world. I discovered new music that was written centuries ago.

This experience made me realize that my generation needs to be more cultured. Yes, I know that one performance is not a big enough sample size, but I will still encourage more of my generation to experience true artistry from one of the best orchestra chambers in the US. Find a concert, go to a free practice, or find a local performance. Just think how impressed someone would be if you brought them to a performance on the first date.

Try new things, step outside your safety box, and experience something amazing!

Find all the needed information, including upcoming concerts, about the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra here.