Ragnar Great River Valley 2015


Ragnar is a 200 mile running event that requires teams of 12 to run from point A to point B through gravel, grass, highway and trails.Each team is split up into two vans of six runners and as one van goes through all of their runners the other van is resting/sleeping/eating. The idea is basic, it’s like a giant continues relay, but the execution is not so easy. Besides the actual stress of running 3 legs of anywhere from 10-22 miles in 30(ish) hours, the actual operational and logistical process of having a team of 12 people traveling 200 miles
is not something anyone can accomplish. This event is filled with stress, soreness, pain, and exhaustion. The only thing is that you feel that way for about 30 seconds until you realize you are doing something completely extraordinary with some of the best people you know.

Sharing 36 hours of running down highways in 110 degree heat, laughing Ragnar5hysterically at the smallest things, supporting each other on gravel farm roads,
sharing a sweaty captains seat after each running leg, eating nothing but amazeballs, sleeping for 2 hours on gym floors and consistently pushing each other to have an incredible running experience is why I Ragnar!