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When you think of dairy products what are the first names that you think of? Kemps? Land โ€˜O Lakes? Organic Valley? Rainbow brand skim milk? Well we are hoping to change that!

This summer I worked with a company called Agropur. I am sure not a lot of you, if any have ever heard of this company. They are a Canadian Co-Op that is headquartered here in St. Paul, MN for the US division. It is an umbrella company for a few brands and a co-packer for many more. The brand that I am working with is called Natrel. Natrel is a long-life milk brand. The beauty of this product is that it is 100% real milk, with no added preservatives or chemicals but because of its pasteurization process and packaging it lasts months instead of weeks. I feel like I just grabbed that right out of our brochure. This summer I worked closely with the Director of Marketing and had independent projects like sales data analysis, eCommerce establishment, competitor analysis report, social media and brand advertising. This was the first time that I was doing marketing that was directed towards consumers rather than businesses and I must say that it has been a lot of fun. I learned more than I could have imagined about both marketing and the beverage industry.

Now that school is starting my main focus is going to be moved to the 2 Stats classes that I will be taking. Fortunately enough I am still going to be working for Agropur, but on a much smaller scale.

Look out for our brands: Natrel 2%, Skim and Lactose Free; DYNAMOO Chocolate, Vanilla and White.

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