Mountain Biking

This summer I have tried to do as many things as possible outside. Lucky for me I have two pretty awesome hobbies that take me out of the house!

I have been mountain biking for three years now. It’s an amazing sport that is growing pretty rapidly in population here in Minnesota. This sport combines the thrill of going through obstacles and jumps with the enjoyment of being outside, having the trail to yourself and of course getting some good exercise. When I first started to ride I would say I was in pretty good shape. I just finished a marathon and 

Imagehave been working out since that time but the second I had to climb the hills at Elm Creek Mountain Bike Trail I thought I was not going to make it! This sport is full of challenges and an enormous amount of fun! I am by no means an expert rider but I will try to give everything a shot and look forward to improving. 

I highly recommend this sport to anyone that is looking for a little excitement in their daily routine! There are a good chunk of parks in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and suburbs area. If you are from a different part of town or country I suggest that you look at your local International Mountain Bicyclist Association for some suggestions on places to ride. If you are in the cities area I suggest that you check out Minnesota Off-road Cyclist Association. They are in charge of most of the trails in the cities area. Their cite, www.morc.org, is supper helpful! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook as well at @MORCmtb and facebook.com/morcmtb.

Happy Riding!!