Marathon Training

Marathon Training

For the third year in a row I am going to be running the Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon. This is such a great event for so many reasons but the reasons why I love it are simple; it goes through every single place that I love in Minnesota, I am supporting my state and there is not a single half a mile where there aren’t people there to support you. I love to run! I have been running competitively since I was in 5th grade. All through high school I ran the 200m and the 400m. Once I graduated I went to UMD to do a little running there as well. Unfortunately, my career there ended too quick because of my transfer to the U of M. I was unable to get my way on to the track team at the U because of various reasons and that is when I turned me competitive running side to enjoyable marathon running.

This year I am doing an 18 week training program for the marathon. This is my first time doing a longer program and this time my goal is to stick to the program like glue. I got this program from HERE. I would like to give credit to Christine Luff, as most of this program is hers. I did some edits to make it more suitable for myself. I am very excited to complete this program and I am excited about providing some updates to my followers.

One question I do have is that my foot keeps on going numb on longer runs, is it a foot, shoe or shoelace issue? Anyone know how to tie a good running shoelace?

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  1. Andrey, having run through high shook and still running now I think your issue could be from making your laces too tight. What I like to do is on the last hole when lacing I go from the outside in as opposed to the traditional inside to outsid pattern. One of my teammates in high school did this and once I saw it ive done it ever since. Hope this held and remember miles of smiles!

  2. Andrey, having run track and xc in high school and still running now I think your issue with foot numbness might be with your laces. You may be making them too tight. A method I like is with the last loop instead of following the traditional inside to outside pattern of lace tying I like to make the last ones outside to inside. One of my high school teammates did this and once I saw it I have never looked back. Hope this helps and remember, miles of smiles!

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