Summer Update

Wow I have been slacking with this whole blogging thing. With all honesty though busiest summer I have ever had. Working 55+ hours a week between two jobs, having my little cousin from Russia visiting, training for a marathon, and trying to fit some of life’s enjoyment in there can fill up your day really quick.

First my work. My internship at DiaSorin has been very rewarding. DiaSoein is the leading Vitamin D diagnostic specialist. They are almost fully in a B2B market. They are also the leading providers in infectious disease and bone and mineral assays. I have just over two weeks left here and I am very sad to leave. I gained a lot of experience and met so really fantastic individuals. I have been working on projects involving tradeshow planning, designing employee show books, designing and creating medical posters for trade shows, designing and creating brochures and booklets, compiling market research data and creating a proposal with the data. I learned a lot mostly in the design aspect of marketing. I finally got experience with working in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat. I also have been able to contribute on a corporate level with marketing decisions and ideas. Most importantly, I am able to see how an international multi-million dollar company is run and how things operate in a marketing department. I have also been working at my other job at the SUA at Coffman Information Desk at the University of Minnesota. I am the Sr. Student Manager there and my main responsibilities are marketing for the office, managing up to 15 employees, working on independent projects, and performing daily activities. I have gained a lot of different experiences at Coffman Info in the past 2 years. So that is my 55 hour weeks.

The most exciting part of this summer has been having my cousin Yanis here from Russia. He is 14 and he was the first one out of my entire family to come to the US and visit my immediate family. It was crazy seeing him again. I haven’t seen him in 4 years. We did so much stuff together but it was really challenging because I only saw him on the weekends. Highlights of his stay here were: Minnesota Twins Games (of course), Lake Calhoun, driving to Mount Rushmore, going to the quarries in St. Cloud, and of course enjoying the summer in MINNESOTA!

Now the fun! With all of the crazy busyness that I have had all summer I still was able to enjoy myself! I went up to Duluth, Lutsen, Canada, Mount Rushmore, Lake Vermillion, and St. Cloud. Crazy and exciting things also happened during this summer. I drove a jet ski for the first time, went cliff diving at the St. Cloud Quarries, did some mountain biking (without hurting myself too bad), went to a classic car show, drove 11 hours through the night running away from a storm on my way back from Mount. Rushmore, and of course I turned 21!

My 21st birthday. I started out my birthday with a nice 8 mile run. It was actually a really bad run for some reason, legs hurt and no motivation. After my run I got decked out in all white and went out and did my first Color Run! It was an absolute blast. It was everything that I did not expect it to be which rocked! So I added 3 more miles right there. Then I went and had a celebratory dinner with my family. Of course my mother cooked way too much and my eyes were way bigger then my mouth! Needless to say a nap was in store for me. After the nap made it over to Phi Kappa Psi and my friends and brothers took me out! The rest is history.









The last two weeks I have been enjoying the Olympics and watching the summer come to an end. It was a crazy busy summer which really sucked, but it was an absolutely fantastic summer. Between going up north to having my cousin come to doing the color run and beyond it all worked out in the end.

No worries No problems!

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