Back in America

So I have been back in the states for a few weeks now and there are a few things that I have been noticing about the states that I have not noticed before going to Australia.

1. Nothing ever changes. When my dad was driving me back from the airport I was looking out of the window and just thinking and feeling like I never left. I jumped right back into the old routine.

2. People do not walk outside. I had an interview in downtown Minneapolis and when I was driving around I did not see a single person outside. In Sydney during the morning, day, and night there are always people outside. Sydney seemed so busy with people and you actually felt like you were in a downtown.

3. Conversations are always the same. There is nothing new to talk about. I feel like I was part of every conversation that happened here while I was gone. People need to find new topics!

4. US does not know what the rest of the world is doing. I am pretty sure I learned more about world news while I was in Sydney then in the past year of being in the US. Our news revolves around us, yet there is the entire world that is out there that is filled with news, stories, ideas, issues, and controversies.

These were some of the things that I noticed when I got back.

What now?

Well, since I have been back I have had 4 interviews. Two of them were for Marketing Internships, one was selling insurance, and the last one was for a senior manager position at my current job. I have a second round interview with one of the companies for the Marketing Internship, and I said no to the insurance one. I also started work up again. It is nice to know that there is going to be a paycheck coming my way. I have been back to Phi Kappa Psi. We had Spring Jam right as I got back and that is always interesting and exciting. It was good to see everyone then. I have also been mountain biking since I have been back. First time I went I crashed pretty bad. I was on an obstacle bridge that was like 4 feet off the ground and I lost my balance and went front tire first into the ground and head first in to the ground. I broke my helmet with my head, screwed up my face, chipped my tooth, bit a whole in my tongue and screwed my neck up pretty bad. Lucky I did not break anything but my neck is still really sore. I went again like a week later and that time it was without any injuries. We had elections at Phi Kappa Psi last week and I got the Grievance Chair, Historian, and took back my position as Philanthropy Chair. Other then that I am pretty bored. All my friends are still in school and have finals and stuff so I have been hanging out at home.

For everyone that has never been to New Zealand here is a taste of paradise!