Playing Catch Up

Oh man I have been slacking off with writing blogs. This mainly comes from the fact that I have been freakishly busy. The past few weeks are kind of smooched into one so I am just going to randomly tell you guys stories of what I have been doing. I finally went to the botanical gardens, which are right next to the opera house. They were amazing. They had so many different things to see and they were huge. I was with my friend Whitney from high school. She is studying abroad here at Sydney University. We walked around and just took a bunch of pictures. We were able to see the botanical gardens, the opera house, and the harbor bridge in one photo shot. After the gardens we went and got gelato in Circular Quay and watched street performers. After I got home I went out to dinner in Surry Hills. This place is like Uptown, as in it is a really rich area and it is filled with little shops, bars, and restaurants. After words I went to a moonlight cinema in the park that is pretty close to my apartment building. It was really sweet because I have never been to anything like it. The movie was ‘This Means War’ so it wasn’t really that great but still a good time.

Last week I had the week from hell here in Australia. I got around 16 hours of sleep in 6 days. It was filled with a 4000 word and 30-source research paper, 7 page case study, and a test. That was school but then I had a 12 hour work day and a total of 26 hour work week and had a 4:45 am wake up call to have a Skype meeting with my work back at home. Rough week!

I also had two field trips for my classes. The first one was to Ikea for my International Marketing class. Yes you were right Ikea looks exactly the same no matter what country you visit it in. It gave me a ton of ideas for next year though. The second field trip was to Luna Park. Luna Park is comparable to like a carnival and Cooney Island. It was kind of cool to see but nothing too exciting.

Today I had another 11 hour work day. Although it sucked, I was able to interview someone for the position that I am in. They will be taking over what I do at Vibewire after I leave. The second cool thing that I did was that I had a meeting with a Social Media Specialist. She is essentially a Social Media Consultant and she taught me a bunch of new interesting things about social media.

All right I need to catch 4 hours of sleep and then I am flying out to New Zealand! I will bring back a bunch of pictures for you all!


I am going to leave you all with a quote that I heard today, “An idea is 1%, the execution is 99%”