St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

On Friday we had a work going away party for the interns that were leaving. I usually have short days on Friday but this time I went in at 12 and when 6 came around everyone started to pass around beers and wine and we began our celebrations. We socialized for a while at work and then went to a Thai restaurant to get dinner. The restaurant was packed, probably because it was Friday night, but the atmosphere was really great. This was the first time having Thai food for me so I went with a well-known dish, Pad Thai. It was amazing! It was so delicious and flavorful. I also ate the entire dish using chopsticks, which scored points with my Asian coworkers. Afterwards we went to a Japanese Karaoke bar. The karaoke bars here are really different. Instead of singing in front of the entire bar, your group gets put in a private room where there are two microphones, a big flat screen, and seating area with tables. I was pretty nervous to go because 1. I don’t sing very well, and 2. I really didn’t know what to expect. I am happy to say that it was awesome! All of my coworkers are super out going and enthusiastic, which meant that we were all singing together, doing duets, dancing, and passing around the microphones. The main songs that I sang were, “Pretty Fly For a White Guy,” “Lose Yourself,” and a few Beatles hits. It was a great time and I can’t wait to go again.


On St. Patrick’s Day I was woken up to my roommate blasting Irish music. He is Irish and he had a friend staying with us that was also Irish so they were up nice and early blasting music and drinking beer. When I finally got up I made potatoes and sausage for breakfast on a skillet and threw it in a whole wheat bun, which I discovered cost less then bread and taste 100 times better because they are from the bakery. After breakfast I was convinced, more like made an impulse decision to go on a St. Patrick’s Day cruise with a bunch of people. We were on the Sydney Harbor for about 3 hours. We met a bunch of people and made some new Irish friends. I don’t have any green shirts in Sydney, so I borrowed my roommates Boston shirt and I got a ton of comments on it. Unfortunately everyone I talked to got upset when I told them that I was actually from Minnesota. Either way I had a good time. After the cruise we went home and all of us passed out in the living room watching TV. It was a perfect cloudy/rainy day for a nap. After our nap we ended up just bumming around the apartment and hanging out with people listening to Irish music.


On Sunday we went to our first ever rugby game. We went to go watch the Sydney Roosters play the Raiders, I think they were from Perth. The stadium is literary a 10 minute walk from our apartments so we were able to just walk over there right before the game. It was really interesting and entertaining to watch the game. I know the main flow of the game but I didn’t know the penalties and stuff like that so it was funny to just listen to the crowd booing or swearing at the game and not knowing what they were talking about. In the end the Roosters won so that was sweet! After the game Bobby, Jordan, Sam, and I were all set to go do our project for our International Trade class. Thankfully we figured out that we actually don’t have to do it for like two more weeks. Last night was a perfect night to just relax and not do anything. It was a fantastic time to just work on editing my GoPro videos that I have from Spring Break. 1 done 1 to go!


The past week was the first week that it was warmer in MN then Sydney ever… I think!


That’s all I got.