Weekends, Work, and School

So I was not planning on writing a post right now but then Bobby and I turn on the Max music channel and they were playing the top 100 songs of the 80’s and we jumped on number 11 and it was men at work down under and I just had the inspiration to post about it!

I guess I can talk about all the other things that have been happening. So in the past two weeks I have kind of settled down on the going out and partying because work started to get really busy and school as well. I have had two big assignments so far. One about a intercultural experience and the other was a marketing case study. The case study was really interesting but it took forever to right. I think I spent close to 9 hours on it. The hard part was that it could only be 1500 words and when I finished I had 1800 so I had to do a lot of cutting out. The content that I wrote was really good and it was hard to cut it out and keep it good. Had a late night but I managed through it. Work is also getting harder because I am testing new software, building the facebook page, and doing market research on who follows us, what they talk about, and what they are interested in. If you are interested go to facebook.com and search vibewire. Tell me what you think of the landing/welcome page.

Today we had an event for my work at the Powerhouse Museum. It was really exciting. There were 5 speakers that talked about a U-Turn that happened in their life. They each spoke for 5 minutes each. It was really interesting and I had to do a live tweeting the entire time so that was a little harder for me to listen to the speakers the entire time.

On the weekends I have been going to the beach a lot. The weather has finally picked up here so it’s nice and sunny and between 70-80 degrees. The beaches are amazing here! The Australian Surf Open was going on the past week so I go to go and watch that. It was pretty sweet to see Manly Beach completely packed with hot surfer chicks! Last weekend like 75% of the people in CAPA (my program) went on a wine tour, but I myself am not a huge fan of wine so instead I went to a tequila tasting/drinking party. My coworker told me about this new company that came to Australia, they are called El Jamidor and they need to get their name out so they threw this unlimited tequila party. It was really crazy because I have never been to anything like it. I had to rsvp on fb and then the actual event was in this warehouse where they decorated the area with old carnival stuff and had a giant bar in the middle where you can go and order free drinks all night. They also had a dance floor and free food.

So I started running more here. We have a park right next to our apartments and one lap around it is like 1.75 miles. It’s really convenient. Also right after I started going to the pool that we have here. There is a lap pool, two hang out pools, a hot tub, and two saunas. It is so relaxing and helps me recover from my runs.d a bomb DJ! So while everybody was spending $100 at a lame wine tour I was trying out this new tequila with my friend for FREE!

This week has been hell so far. Two tests and problems with my stomach. I am going on break on Friday though so that is all worth it!

Talk to you later!