Mojo Surf Camp & Internship Update

Last weekend around 40 of us from my program went on a learn to surf camp. It was 6 hours North and we took a coach bus all the way up there. When we got there it was already super late, 3 in the morning, so all we did is crash and go to bed. The next day we got breakfast and got a surf lesson and a lesson on where to go

where the rip is, what to do if you are drowning, what to do if you are stuck and so on. Then we made our way to the beach. The beach was just a giant open stratch with no one there. It was beautiful! The entire beach was ours. We walked about 5 min to the spot where we were going to surf and then got another lesson on the sand. Then we jumped right in. There were 4 instructors with us in the water and then 2 that were watching on the beach. I picked it up pretty quick because of my success with snowboarding and longboarding but it was so tiring! You have to fight the waves to get out to the good size waves and then you have to be able to quickly turn around and get up on the board. Arms were dead!!!

After the first lesson we went in and had lunch. The food was delicious! After food there was just a bunch of lounging around areas and a football, frisbee, and bball that people played. I got 6 oth

er people to play ultimatefootball with me which was a ton of fun because it was so nice out!! After a few hours we went out for our second lesson. Feeling brave I went straight for the bigger waves. With that came the problem of having to paddle all the way out there! After a few hours we decided to call it a day and went back to the camp. We had dinner, which was once again very very good, and then we headed back to the beach to watch the sunset and start partying! They had a little area right by the beach that had a fire pit and music and all of that good stuff!

The next morning we had another lesson that we could have done but instead me and two of my buddies decided to go explore and go swimming. That was so relaxing and wonderful. The best thing is that we actual

ly had great weather this weekend. We have had rainy weather for the past like 7 days but we got sunny weather for the camp!


Internship Update: I am actually starting to like my internship a lot. I am learning a lot about coding facebook pages and I am using my html skills to do so. I am also working on a campaign to make the company facebook page completely interactive so that is very exciting except that I have been doing research and learning how to do different things and write code for the past 3 days at work.


Till next time!