Past Week or So…

Australia Day:

For Aussie day we went on a cruise that took place around the harbors of Sydney. This is a huge day and everyone goes on the harbor and races around the harbors. It was crazy there were so many different boats, yachts, cruises, and sail boats all over. It looked like a traffic jam on the water. We spent 4 hours on the boat blasting music and  dancing on the port deck. After the cruise we made the track to Bondi Beach. We thought that the place was going to be crazy busy but luckily it wasn’t because the weather was not very good. When we got there we swam and ended up playing ultimate Frisbee for like an hour and a half. It was a ton of fun but we realized that Australians do not play Frisbee at all! After going to the beach we met a really drunk guy on the train back and he wanted to tell us about the number one song that was on the count down and we did not understand him at all! But after words we checked it out and it was pretty dope!

The Weekend

We went to a club/bar called Three Wise Monkeys it was 3 stories and each one had it’s own bar and its own theme/music. It was really fun and this was the first time I went dancing while being in Australia. The only problem was that there was no AC so it was very very warm in there. On Sunday we went to Coogee beach. It was a beautiful day. We went exploring on a bunch of broken off rocks and cliffs and ended up finding a natural pool. It was really sweet. Too bad I forgot my camera because it was crystal clear water surrounded by these rocks.

The Internship

Oh the internship. So far it has been very unorthodox. I have done very little work because not a lot of people are back from break yet. At this nonprofit company there is one director and one part time paid employee other then that it is all interns. The work that they want me to do is something that I have been doing for the past 9 months now so so far it has not been challenging at all and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get harder. I feel like they will be able to benefit from me a bit more then me from them. This might sound arrogant or what ever but the first day they told me what I put into it is what I will get out of it and I have been through those kinds of jobs before. Also I was looking for something much more formal and corporate because I have worked for myself and in small companies before and doing so now and I just wanted to experience something completely different. Also I was hoping to be more in the marketing area then social media but because they are nonprofit they do not have a budget for marketing. Don’t get me wrong the company looks great and the people are very nice and friendly, I was just looking for something different. As of right now I can’t do anything about it but hope that I will be able to learn from it and hopefully do something good for this company

Future Plans

So tonight we booked our flights to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. We are going in a group of 11. This is our schedule for the 8 days while we are there: (CAUTION!!!! Mom I would stop reading this blog now) Friday- arrive in Cairns, Saturday- we get on a 38 person cruise to go scuba and snorkel for the day, then we spend the night on the boat and go do all those things again the next day, Monday- we are going to be white-water-rafting for half a day, Tuesday- we are going to be bungee jumping, Wednesday- we are going to be Skydiving (EXCITED), Thursday-Saturday- are back up days incase we get rained out for skydiving so we will be chilling and fishing those days. So that will be my spring break! For easter break weekend we were planning on going to New Zealand, but the flights are very expansive and it looks like renting a car there will not be cheap either. So because of that we might be going camping in the outback instead. We will be going to Ayers Rock which is suppose to be breath taking and I love camping so that will be BOMB!!!! So those are my plans and I am pretty JACKED!!!

So long for now, mom stop stressing everything is going to be good!!

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  1. Privet son. I see you are enjoying your being there. This is good. Do not do bad things. I trust you. Be save. Is there any news with the loan?

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