Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains


Today we went on a trip to the Blue Mountains. It was about 2 hours North of Sydney. On the way up we first stopped at Sydney Olympic Park. The Olympics were held here in 2000. It was pretty sweet but all we did was look around outside and not at any of the stadiums. Next we drove to a Wild Life park. It was essentially a zoo but the way it was different was that a bunch of the animals were not caged and you were able to pet them. So I had the pleasure of petting a kangaroo, koala, and a joey. This was pretty sweet!! Next we drove to the Blue Mountains. It was kind of rainy and really muddy but we still went on our 1.5-hour hike down the mountains. This place was amazing and so beautiful! We saw three different waterfalls, took a ton of pictures of the cliffs and stuff, and went on the steepest train ride in the world. After all that we drove back to Sydney. On the way back we were watching a movie and I fell asleep right at the beginning and woke up right in the end when the dog died. It was very depressing.


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