Impressions of Sydney

The city is amazing! I love it already! It has a mixture of beautiful culture, urban lifestyle, fast pace living, and a laid back attitude. A lot of things here remind me of Samara here. There area a lot of people that commute and Sydney has buses, trains, and water taxis that are all used as public transportation. Weird parts about Sydney. There are no garbages in the streets. Pedestrians should but do not have the right of way. The city is built upwards not out. Bad parts about Aussie. People do not tip here. Everything is SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!! A 6 inch sub at subway in the US is 3 dollars, here its 7. A burger is 7 bucks in the states and 16 here. A coffee is $2 in the states and $6 here. A beer in the US is $2 here its $8. A bottle of Smirnoff 1.75  in US is $20 here a 700 mL is $40. Everything is imported so everything is very very expensive! But for the Australians it is not too bad because their minimum wage is $17 an hour. So main point is Mom and Dad send me more money!!!! Thats all I have for now!