First Few Days

First weird thing… they drive and walk on the other side of the road. It seriously throws me off! I got to our apartments and they are amazing they are 4 star executive suites! Our apartment has two floors, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and has a balcony in every room. There is a pool and weight room in the building next to us and they are pretty sweet. Second culture shock is that everything is in metric so when I went to the gym and threw 55 kilos on each side of the bench press I almost died. Not the same as the US!

So the first day was filled with orientation and moving in. A lot of the bars here are called hotels so we went to the Clock Hotel for dinner. I got the BLT wrap and here the bacon is not in strips and crispy it is like canadian bacon and grilled so that was really good. Once I got back to the apartment it was like 9 pm and I wanted to go out but the second my head hit the bed I was out!

Day two was filled with some more orientation stuff and I don’t really remember that anything fun and exciting happened yesterday so I am just going to skip to today. I finally got some internet!  We got taken out by our program office out for lunch where we were served a bunch of different flavored pizzas. It was like never ending Mesa. Best flavor was the kangaroo pizza. Kangaroo tastes amazing!!! Also tried alligator and that was a little less impressive. After the lunch we took our M20 bus (the only bus that I know of) back to the apartments and got ready to go swimming. There are a ton of beaches in Sydney but we are located kinda far from everything so the closest place was Coogee beach. It was amazing! The sand was white and really fine, the water had good waves but they were not over bearing, and they had a little cliff to jump off of. It was so relaxing to just be there and enjoy the water. Sad part is that I lost my frisbee. After the beach we went to happy hour at the sports bar on the beach and I got a small glimps of ESPN which was amazing for me! Tomorrow we are going to the Blue Mountains and I am pumped!