Good Bye Minnesota

So I am all packed and ready to head out. This has been a very stressful few days but I am thankful that I had Brent, Josh, and Balko around to chill with me catch up on some needed “The Office” watching. I am very excited to leave but I have that “Oh I am pretty sure I am forgetting something” feeling going on. This is going to be such an amazing and life changing trip, but I will miss a lot of people. It’s already hard that Nicky has been gone for sometime now, and now I am going to be with my best buds from MG Brent and Josh, also without Paul (no pack no) and the Info Crew (Beth you are included in the crew, and Anna represent as my replacement), and my phi psi bros (rage hard for tubes and all the other festivities that you will be having!) Of course my family, I never really realized this but I have never been away from the fam for more then a week before so this should be interesting. Alex make a lot of money while I am gone so that you can take me on a vacation in the summer! Mom and Dad thank you for letting me have this opportunity, I promise I will come back with a few A’s. I will miss you all and Peace out!

Peace out and have fun freezing here while I lay on the beach there!